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Why do you need it?

Upselling and cross-selling are one of the most popular techniques in e-commerce to get more out of your traffic. You’ve spent a lot to bring visitors to your site - add a small effort to convert this traffic more effectively!

Whether you are just starting out or ready for the next step, is the platform you need to grow your business. Start exploring the app for ways to build on what you’ve already accomplished.
Available for:
Set new shopping standards with Recom Scout
  • Enable widgets with personalized recommendations based on products’ visual similarity.
  • Let customers like and dislike products right in the widget.
  • Automatically fine-tune product selection depending on customers’ likes.
  • Instantly show relevant product recommendations to motivate customers willingly add more items to the cart.
  • Display widgets with a much wider product range compared to a typical store catalog.
  • Help shoppers instantly find necessary products among hundreds of similar items.
  • Improve customer engagement due to the gamification element.
  • Increase the chance of conversions by automatically selecting products customers really need.

Upsell with

Create credibility and drive your customers to upgrade their purchases with high precision product recommendations.


  • Display products as an upsell pop-up on the cart page
  • Offer an upgraded version of the product the customer’s already buying
  • Define multiple trigger conditions for upsells, and choose the products you want to share.
  • Add a discount for extra incentive allows you to unlock features that will help increase your average order value no matter how big your business is.

Cross-sell with

Deliver complementary and alternative product recommendations based on relations between different SKUs, collections, vendors, which you're free to customize as needed.


  • Cross-sell wherever you want, including categories, product pages, shopping cart
  • Use a smart and simple rule system to maximize the accuracy of offers
  • Show the products you want to cross-sell in sliders, static blocks, or popups
  • Track what types of recommendations work best and timely change your marketing strategy

At, we’ll help you streamline all processes so that you can launch faster and jumpstart your growth.

Awesome template designs

Finely tuned template designs that suit almost any design right off the start
Choose any design that will be perfect for your site and will catch customers’ attention.

Actionable insights

Dashboard and analytics
Track what types of recommendations are more successful and modify them for better performance.

Product recommendations

Automation options: Last viewed, Similar look (visually similar), Top sellers, New arrivals, You may also like and others
We give you several easy ways to recommend your products and maximize your sales.

The only fair pricing model

We charge $19.00 plus 2.9% of sales earned by
The maximum monthly bill is $519, you will never be charged more than that.

Frequently bought together

Amazon-style product recommendations
Help your customers add a bunch of related products to the shopping cart with one quick hit.

Customizable design

Designing a template
Choose a template you love and customize it in minutes.

Flexible product relations

Flexible options and rules for picking related products
Simplify the process of choosing items for customers by providing a block of several alternatives on the basis of various conditions.

Top-notch support

We will help you to find the proper config for your store
Whether you’re ready to launch your campaign, or need tips, our support is here to help you.

Lightning-fast loading

Average widget’s load time is less than 0.3 seconds
We thoroughly test our app to make it work smoothly, exclude bugs and avoid conflicts with other products.


Mobile-optimized templates
Whatever your customers use, be it desktop or mobile devices, rest assured that your product recommendations look great.

Unlimited use for all

Unlimited cross-sell widgets and upsell offers
Encourage customers to add higher-valued or related products to increase sales from any customers.

Safe purchase

7 day trial with 30 days unconditional money-back guarantee

Our Customers Love Us
Venroy The Intersection
I can gladly say that Upsell and Cross-sell Products is an amazing application and has tremendously helped boost our average sale over the past year. While initially searching for a cross-sell application the biggest obstacle we faced was finding an application that could handle the massive amount of product that we carry on our site.
Choose To Rep
Mike Jackson
Great app and great support team. I needed help with the design and they did it within 48 hours. I highly recommend getting this app!
The Fire Pit Collection
Great app! Exactly what we were looking for, it lets us manage what products it recommends for each product and collection.
Home Galaxy Direct
Just what I was looking for and works really well straight out of the box. Love the fact it is free up to certain number of visits as I am just starting out and wouldn’t be able to afford a payable app at this stage.
Latest Bedding
Norman Doyle
The app really worked what we expected and started seeing results right after installed this app. Also I would like to say thank to customer support team, they assist excellently.
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Based on +255 reviews

Great app, and great customer services, I faced an issue but the support was outstanding and fixed issue in no time. I would definitely recommend to others. It is an actual sale boosting app


Guys were a great help for me today, he clearly understood where the problem was, and was quick to adhere to my request. Top-notch service

Abarba™ – Shop with Trust

I use this app for three Shopify stores, which helps me cross-sell and Upsell my products. The idea is to uplift sales and generates additional income. I have learned to create rules for delivering the most relevant recommendations to our customers. The only foible I can find is – I wish the app would give me more variants to show upsell & cross-sell widgets.


The customers service is very clear and helpful! It’s a wonderful app to use. We found it very helpful! is a powerful yet handy internal marketing tool to help you increase conversions by providing smart and configurable upsell and cross-sell recommendations.

Yes, comes with a 7-days free trial.

Here's an example of how our widgets work on a demo store.

Please note that the app's features are not limited to what you see in the video

We charge $19.00 plus 2.9% of sales earned by The maximum monthly bill is $519, you will never be charged more than that.

If the amount to charge ($19.00 + 2.9% of the App-Driven Sales) is higher than $519 the charge is cut down to it. In other words, the app can't charge over the $519 limit even if the actual amount is higher.

* For clients who joined after January 25 2021.

App-driven sales are actual amounts of money generated by selling products which have been presented as recommendations in our widgets/upsells and clicked there. In short: if a customer clicks on a recommended product / upsell offer and then purchases it - we consider it an app-driven sale.

Important: App-driven sale is recognized only if the click-to-purchase period does not exceed 30 days.

Yes, you can customize the widget's appearance, there are multiple options to play with and instant preview. Also, we can help you with application appearance customization on demand.

Yes, customers can request an unconditional refund during 30 days after purchasing a subscription for the Application.

Yes, feel free to contact our support team. We're here to help: