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What is
Inspired by our customers, we created an easy-to-use tool to make a good business great one.
  • app for Shopify helps your customers get the maximum benefit out of their purchases.
  • Both manual fine tuning and full automation are available — manage the app however you prefer
  • With your store’s revenue growing, it won’t take long for the app to pay off
Feel safe about the purchase
Our 14-days free trial period is tempting. Сustomers can request an unconditional refund during 30 days after purchasing a subscription for the Application.
Save time
Having a business requires you to stay concentrated all the time, but now you can breathe out for a while – our intelligent system knows how to recommend products based on their appearance, without any of your effort needed
Increase revenue
With our app you can get the most out of your business by adding up- and cross-selling recommendations for customers. Our clients enjoy an average growth of conversion at about 37% with 41% average order value boost if the widgets are set on all major pages of your store
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Automation and Customization
Whether you prefer to rely on on the system or be in control by your own, allows you to feel comfortable and adjust the settings according to your tastes. Our AI can show recommendations to customers based on “frequently bought together” and products’ appearance, or you may manage fine tuning to set unique recommendations rules, considering all peculiarities of your business.
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Analyzing changes may help you gain a better understanding of what your customers want and act accordingly. How? Having an ability to evaluate the effectiveness of recommendations, you can find out which recommendations work better and take advantage of it.
  • Track the number of Impressions, Clicks, Added to cart, Purchases and Sales
  • See which type of recommendations reaches and engages more customers
  • Analyze the results and make decisions based on them
I can gladly say that Upsell and Cross-sell Products is an amazing application and has tremendously helped boost our average sale over the past year. While initially searching for a cross-sell application the biggest obstacle we faced was finding an application that could handle the massive amount of product that we carry on our site.
Choose To Rep
Great app and great support team. I needed help with the design and they did it within 48 hours. I highly recommend getting this app!
The Fire Pit Collection
Great app! Exactly what we were looking for, it lets us manage what products it recommends for each product and collection.
Home Galaxy Direct
Just what I was looking for and works really well straight out of the box. Love the fact it is free up to certain number of visits as I am just starting out and wouldn’t be able to afford a payable app at this stage.
Latest Bedding
The app really worked what we expected and started seeing results right after installed this app. Also I would like to say thank to customer support team, they assist excellently.
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