Our annual report is packed with interesting facts and app-related statistics. 

Whew! 2020 was a year full of unusual challenges and profound changes: 

  • When the pandemic struck, humans were stuck in their apartments and houses.
  • Offices closed and employees started working from home
  • More than 100,000 small businesses have closed forever

But there are bright spots as well. 

  • Businesses re-focused their attention, from a physical to a digital marketplace.
  • E-commerce sales boomed. Based on the report (Adobe Digital), 2020 online shopping levels are higher than ever before. 
  • More energy and effort was being put into improving customer experiences online. 
  • Merchants started looking for new ways to succeed. 

Against all odds, 2020 was a good year at Recom.ai. We’ve enhanced the app experience with an intuitive and consistent interface and launched a new feature – upsell popup with configurable conditions. So, in honor of this year, we’ve created a neat report about a few of the accomplishments we did in 2020. 

Check out some of our favorite highlights from 2020!

We made our UI/UX design more slick than ever

We strive to help you effortlessly create more upselling and cross-selling opportunities. And we’re working hard to make all processes faster, easier, and more flexible. 

You’re three easy steps away from adding product recommendations to your sore:

To add product recommendations to your store you need to: 1. Click + Add and select the type of product recommendation; 2. Define related items via a flexible rule system or leave it for our automation algorithms; 3. Customize the look of your widgets; 4. Choose the pages where your recommendations appear.

We enhanced our app with an in-cart upsell popup

Some of our favorite product launches were directly inspired by your requests! We listened to your feedback and created an in-cart upsell offer – a popup with configurable conditions which suggests customers to update their current cart with additional products at a discounted price. 

In-cart upsell popup

In-cart upsells, as long as they make it clear why the customer will win by taking them, can be an effective way to not only increase revenue but loyalty too. Want to get more from your in-cart upsell popup? Here are some strategies for creating winning upsell offers. 

We provided our customers with real answers from real people in real-time

We are proud of a culture of communication, collaboration, trust, kindness, and the level of support we provide, taking the utmost care of every client. 

No matter where you are at in the Recom.ai app, you’ll be able to contact our support team for any queries. So feel free to message us if you have any questions. 

We had an awesome year

On behalf of our team, thank you for choosing our app in 2020! We’re so excited to continue helping you grow your business in 2021.

Here are just a few key stats from the past year:

What's happening in Recom.ai: 2020 in review

So that was this year. How do we top it?

We like to keep our big ideas in hush hush until they’re ready to roll, but there’s we can say for sure:

We will continue to work hard to improve our app and help your business grow alongside your ambitions!

See you in 2021!