Ah, e-commerce pop-ups: some people think they’re dead, but they’re not. 

Ask yourself – why do you think popups are dead? I bet the tune in your head sounds something like this: 

“They distract from the message of the page. They’re annoying.” 

They’re annoying. Got it. 

But are they really? The truth is: the thoughts people have, and actions that people take are two different things. However, a 2019 report shows that well-crafted and properly timed pop-ups can lead to conversion rates as high as 60%. 

Typically, merchants use pop-ups to entice customers to unlock a discount, subscribe to their email list, or give them an incentive to continue browsing. 

However, there is one strategy that a few merchants have adopted with their pop-ups. Product recommendations pop-ups allow you to display product suggestions while your customers are looking at relevant content on your website. 

For example, if a customer is about to buy a new top tank, maybe a popup with complementary products like skirts or shorts would be effective.

Today we’re going to take a peek at five surprisingly successful ways to use product recommendation pop-ups on your web store with great examples from brands like yours. 

Highlight your bestsellers

Have you ever been to a fashion store and found yourself gravitating towards the bestsellers section? Or stumbled on a webstore and sorted a category page based on “most popular”? If you have, you’re not alone. 

Customers trust products that other customers have already loved. If a customer knows that hundreds of other people bought a product, it might nudge them a little closer towards buying it. In addition, product recommendations like “Bestsellers,” “Trending Stuff,” or “Top picks” definitely lend credibility to your products. 

Below you can see an example of how Helm, a popular bag and suitcase retailer, has done just that by showing a popup with the most popular products when customers visit the “Gift ideas for him” page:

Helm Bestsellers
Our Absolute Bestsellers: For women who want to have space for everything in a light and beautiful shoulder bag.

Create exclusivity with Special Picks

While promoting bestsellers to returning customers works great, you can increase conversions and personalize your campaigns further with exclusive recommendations. 

You can create a sense of exclusivity through headings like editor’s picks, staff favorites, expert recommendations, and so forth. 

Look at how a woman accessories brand uses curated product recommendations on their cart page to trigger cross-sell opportunities:

Handpicked product recommendations take more time, but it’s worth it. Through highly relevant suggestions you increase the likelihood of converting prospects into customers and one-off purchases into repeat ones. 

Help your shoppers “Complete the Look” with cart pop-up bundles

You can entice customers to “complete the look” by using product recommendations bundles. As “Complete the look” recommendations are made to show products that pair well with the ones the customer has added to the cart, you will be able to convince the buyer to make an extra purchase. Interesting fact: up to 25% of customers who engage with these recommendations (by clicking on that or reading the description) actually order the item. 

Proviz Sports promotes product bundles via pop-ups in order to increase conversion rate for those products:

provis bundle popup
Product bundles encourage customers to add more items to their cart while discovering complementary items they probably wouldn’t have come across on their own.

Offer a discount or freebie on cart pages

When a customer puts something in their cart, you know they’re already interested in your products. What a good time to give them a discount on a package deal for related products. 

Upselling and cross-selling at checkout is a great way to achieve conversion and increase cart value. This is what Routу One does by offering free grip or product upgrades to customers who buy a skateboard. 

routeone cart popup
By offering freebies, Route One effectively encourages customers to add a couple more products to their cart to drive up-sell and order value. 

Offer additional products during a customer’s shopping session

As we mentioned above, pop-ups aren’t just created for discounts or email capture (although they work well for both of these goals), they also can be used for suggestions to customers for products they may be interested in. 

Ren Skincare’s strategy includes pop-ups that appear when a customer has added something to their shopping cart. This allows the customer to discover similar products around the same price point and encourages cross-sells. 

ren skin slide popup cart
By offering complimentary items before checkout, Ren Skincare significantly increases AOV. 

Improve user shopping experience and sell more with product recommendation pop-us

Product recommendation pop-up is a feature available on the Recom.ai – Upsell & Cross-sell app. Merchants can enable and customize these pop-ups with ease— choosing when they want the pop-ups to appear, what type of recommendations to showcase, and how they should look. 

With Recom.ai – Upsell & Cross-sell, you can do cool things like:

  • Highlight Best Sellers and Trending stuff
  • Promote related products at the moment of purchase
  • Offer alternatives at the same price point, and more. 

The best part? You are three steps away to include pop-ups in your store:

  1. Define related items or leave it for our automation algorithms;
  1. Customize the look of your pop-up, if a default option doesn’t suit you for any reason;
  1. Choose the pages where pop-ups appear. 

You’re all set. Recom.ai will generate product recommendation pop-ups for products you think your customers will love, driving more sales and smoothing customer shopping experience. 

Strive to Enhance Your Strategy Beyond Pop-ups?

These 5 e-commerce pop-up examples are sure to increase conversion, conversion rates, average order values while improving user experience. But they’re only one of the many ways you can use to grow your business. Transform your 2021 e-commerce sales by implementing the ultimate product recommendation strategy.