Although there are still many old-school merchants who prefer hiring in-house developers to extend the functionality of their websites, more and more sellers vote for ready-made applications. The pros are evident: it’s much cheaper and less time-consuming. The only problem that may occur is choosing the right app among hundreds of similar tools. 

So, if you seek extensions to improve your native BigCommerce website functionality, grab our list of top BigCommerce apps to enhance your customer service, refine your marketing strategy, and notch new sales records in 2021.

To help you easier find the perfect match app, we’ve divided the article into issue-related sections. Enjoy!

Best BigCommerce Apps for Customer Reviews  & Social Proof

Imagine you’re looking to purchase a new drawer chest. You’ve picked up three based solely on the Internet images. One has over 100 reviews with an average rating of 4.9 stars. The second has 40 reviews and a 3-star rating. The third one has no reviews at all. So which one would you add to the cart? Most likely, you are attracted by the drawer chest with over 100 satisfied customers. Why? It’s called social proof.

Experienced online marketers would never underestimate the role of reviews when it comes to the customer decision-making process. So, if you haven’t equipped your BigCommerce store with a decent social proof plugin, take a look at our collection.

1. Stamped Reviews & Ratings

Stamped is a feature-rich marketing platform packed with the tools to trigger, collect and showcase product reviews along the customer journey. With powered by AI technology, you will automate the whole cycle of the review processing, from generation to showcasing and moderation. In addition, as an all-in-one solution for review management, will help you effortlessly import and transfer reviews from other platforms. 

The plugin can boast 195 positive reviews and an average rating of 5.0 on the BigCommerce Marketplace. With, you’ll update your product pages with credible professionally dressed content, thus increasing customer engagement, building trust, and eventually boosting your conversions.

What you will do with the app:

  • Automate reviews management. Stamped allows collecting, moderating, and analyzing tons of reviews in no time.
  • Showcase best reviews. Highlight and show catchy content on your online store.
  • Take higher positions on SERP. With the rich snippets, one can instantly improve their SEO rankings.
  • Boost your content outreach with the possibility to automatically your reviews via social media.
  • Accumulate visual content by sending review request emails.

Pricing: The prices start from $23/month (for a monthly subscription) and $19/month (for a yearly subscription).

2. Yotpo Product Reviews


Dream to convert every purchase into a review? Then, the Yotpo Product Reviews app for BigCommerce is what you are seeking. The add-on promises to help all types of businesses bring reviews management to a new level. It generates tons of reviews and captures photos, videos, and other user-generated content to draw targeted traffic to your online store. 

Yotpo has proved to be one of the most popular and reliable marketing platforms with more than 150K users worldwide. Moreover, it comes up with basic (free) and premium features, so any merchant can easily pick up necessary options depending on business specifics.

What you will do with the app:

  • Collect reviews and all types of visual content from your customers.
  • Showcase UGC on your website.
  • Share eye-catching content on Facebook, Instagram & Twitter.
  • Create a robust brand community.
  • Use a set of tools to moderate customer reviews effectively.
  • Add pics and videos to reviews for expressive product use cases (premium).
  • Take advantage of Google rich snippets (premium).
  • Generate and spread coupons to motivate clients to write a review (premium).

Pricing: The Basic version is free. Premium plans are flexible, so the final cost depends on the options you’ll add to the plan. 

3. Product Reviews by


Here comes one more excellent solution for customer reviews management. Meet Product Reviews by The extension allows collecting and sharing reviews wherever you want. Due to extremely flexible settings and almost complete automation, this app will come in handy to online merchants who want to optimize their marketing routine and save time for more critical tasks.

By the way, we highly recommend visiting the company’s website to find more details about every feature, as they’ve done a really great job by accurately describing and showcasing their product options. 

What you will do with the app:

  • Try different types of automatic review requests: email, SMS, push notifications.
  • Set flexible request conditions and timing options.
  • Send requests manually or automatically.
  • Display reviews using handy widgets, carousels, and badges wherever you want on your website.
  • Share reviews via social media platforms.
  • Reply to reviews to effectively build customer trust.
  • Automatically detect spam reviews.

Pricing: supports two pricing options: Forever Free and Awesome ($15/month.)

4. Fomo


Fomo is the cherry on top of our social proof marketing pie. The app provides the whole range of essential tools for reviews management. Apart from that, it displays customer reviews on your website in real-time, thus creating an equivalent of a busy offline store and making a fuss over your products and services.

Fomo is trusted and used by 16K+ websites to power up any business with social proof, build customer trust and increase sales.

What you will do with the app:

  • Create flexible rules to adjust app performance to any business needs.
  • Connect with GA to track goal completions and the amount of revenue generated by Fomo.
  • Choose from a rich list of predesigned notification themes plus the room for your custom CSS to match your brand aesthetics. Manage fonts, colors, sizes, and more.
  • Set up advanced control options: geotargeting, flexible configuration settings, language options, etc.
  • Install the plugin in minutes! It works right out of the box.

Pricing: Fomo runs four pricing models. The prices start as low as $19/month for Starter users and go up to $199/month for Advanced pack customers. Apart from that, all pricing plans include a 14-day free trial.

Best BigCommerce Apps for Email Marketing

Browse our selection of the Best BigCommerce apps for email marketing and grab the one that better resonates with your business.

5. Omnisend


Omnisend is a trustedn platform that helps e-commerce players automate email and SMS marketing routines to sell faster. The plugin focuses on accurate segmentation and precise targeting, offering tons of flexible settings and ready-made options to make sure all your emails and messages hit the target.

Used by 50K+ companies from all over the world, Omnisend efficiently turns your potential customers into loyal clients. 

What you will do with the app:

  • Utilize an impressive toolset for all types of newsletters: followups, abandoned cart emails, review requests, and more.
  • Save time with predesigned and easily customizable campaign workflows.
  • Use effective segmentation for precisely tailored emails.
  • Get informative analytics reports for data-driven insights.
  • Take advantage of a great variety of email and SMS subscription forms to draw more leads.

Pricing: Omnisend provides flexible pricing, starting from a Free plan that allows sending up to 15K emails/month and ending with PRO and Enterprise packages.

6. Klaviyo


If you search for all-in-one solution to cover most of your needs, pay attention to Klavyio. This tool stands out among other BigCommers apps for email marketing with its outstanding functionality and high performance.

With Klaviyo, you’ll easily collect and process priceless customer data to improve your business strategy accordingly. What’s more, Klaviyo offers ready-to-use templates, layouts, and a collection of customizable content for your successful start.

What you will do with the app:

  • Launch promotions based on customer data.
  • Display and manage sign-up forms and popups to collect leads.
  • Launch A/B testing campaigns.
  • Use advanced segmentation and targeting features.

Pricing: The payment amount depends on the size of your emails list. It goes free for 250 contacts. And if your list contains 250+ contacts, you can use a handy built-in price calculator to compute the final package price.  For instance, you’ll pay $20 per month for 251-500 contacts and $30 per month for 501-1,000 contacts.

7. Sumo


And last but not least goes Sumo, one more super feature-rich application that captures leads with attractive opt-ins and successfully turns them into buyers with targeted email campaigns. 

Apart from email marketing functionality, Summo offers a rich collection of advanced features such as heat maps, share buttons, live chat, and many others. Therefore with Sumo, you will learn more about your customers’ behavior and make decisions based on precise data.

What you will do with the app:

  • Grow your contacts collection with various high-converting opt-ins.
  • Exploit the power of timely shown email popups to convert store visitors into customers.
  • Take advantage of Sumo integration with the most popular email marketing services including MailChimp, Hubspot, SendGrid, and others
  • Measure your success with built-in performance reports.
  • A vast array of additional tools, such as live chat, share buttons, and others to power up your marketing strategy.

Pricing: There are two pricing plans available to Sumo users: Free and Pro. The Free package lets you send up to 10K emails/month, while the Pro package costs $39/month and allows up to 50K emails plus advanced features like A/B split testing, detailed analytics, etc.

Best BigCommerce Apps with Live Customer Chats

According to statistics, about 70% of customers would spend funds with a brand that provides top-notch customer service. Therefore, customer chats are not just about client support and assistance; they are also about building trust, enhancing customer satisfaction, and boosting conversions. And we are pretty sure that one of the BigCommerce apps listed below will take your customer service to a higher level.

8. LiveChat + Customer Insight


LiveChat is a customer service platform that lets you communicate with customers and potential clients while they are exploring your store. You can answer incoming questions in real-time to instantly satisfy customer needs and increase the chance of a conversion. The app adds a chat widget to your storefront and provides various back-end options to receive and process questions with ease.

What you will do with the app:

  • Preview the content of your customers’ shopping carts right in the app.
  • Send visually attractive product suggestions that lead to product pages via your live chat.
  • Enhance your order management by looking through orders history without leaving the chat.
  • Automatically start conversations when specific conditions are met.
  • Convert customer messages into tickets when chat managers are offline.

Pricing: Monthly subscription payments start from $16.

9. Tidio


Tailored to the needs of small and medium businesses, Tidio stands out among similar solutions with its responsive design, intuitive user interface, and highly flexible chat settings. 

Due to pre-written quick replies, chatbots, and notifications, you will save time on questions management and significantly improve customer experience by timely satisfying their needs. 

What you will do with the app:

  • Configure the live chat according to your specific needs.
  • Find out who is visiting your store to timely contact them.
  • Chat in real time and dekiver helpful information to grow sales.
  • Track the results and use actionable insights. 
  • Automate all processes with AI technology.

Pricing: Free plan with basic features; $18 for Premium plans.

 10. JivoChat


The JivoChat is an omnichannel magic wand for your customer service. There is no need to check customer questions on different platforms. All live chats on your site, client chats on Facebook, Instagram, and other popular messengers, along with emails and even phone calls, can be managed with one tool.

The plugin will save your time on customer service routines, enhance customer satisfaction, and increase sales. Everything you like! 🙂

What you will do with the app:

  • Connect Facebook, Telegram, WhatsApp, Viber, and other messengers to your JivoChat app and manage all messages in one place.
  • Manage phone calls, buy and use phone numbers to make and receive calls from/to the one admin panel.
  • Monitor your visitors’ behavior on your website to timely start the live chat.
  • Use flexible configuration settings to adjust JivoChat to your business needs.
  • Customize chat widgets, texts, and other options to match your store theme and brand philosophy.

Pricing: The app lets you choose between a forever-free Basic version and the Professional version quoting $13/month.



The app is another brilliant live chat platform that extends your store functionality with all necessary options for customer assistance. The tool helps you quickly get closer to your customers and timely support them when they make a purchase decision. It also unlocks unlimited messaging and ticketing options. Apart from that, lets you create a custom Knowledge Base for quick replies.

What you will do with the app:

  • Keep an eye on your store visitors. Track what they are doing in real-time, how often they come to you, and check their customer journey.
  • Talk to customers in their language. Choose among 45+ predefined languages 
  • offers apps for iOs and Android to help you chat with your customers while on the go!
  • Use the power of quick responses with your own custom knowledge base and ready-made replies.

Pricing: Believe it or not, with all its great functionality, is forever-free! 

Best BigCommerce Apps for Conversion Marketing

The main goal of conversion marketing is maximizing the number of visitors who take the desired action on your website. In other words, to prompt customers for more purchases, you need to use a wise combination of specific tactics. Be it an abandoned cart email, an exit-intent popup, or a catchy upsell widget, all these gimmicks help vendors seamlessly turn incoming traffic into loyal customers and increase sales. The BigCommerce apps from our collection will help you equip your store with ready-made solutions in no time.


We’ve developed to help online merchants effortlessly grow the average order value, boost conversions and increase sales by delivering personalized product recommendations. With the app, one can launch an unlimited number of upselling and cross-selling campaigns in a couple of clicks and easily fine-tune them according to any specific needs.

 Powered by a breakthrough AI technology, the automatically displays relevant suggestions following store visitors along their customer journey, thus improving their satisfaction and significantly increasing the chances of conversions.

What you will do with the app:

  • Automate personalized product recommendations with the AI-based Scout feature. Scout shows product suggestions with items visually similar to the ones that customers are going to buy. Customers hit like or dislike buttons in the widget with recommended products, and Scout automatically adjusts their selection accordingly.
  • Run upselling and cross-selling campaigns on any store page: product, collection, cart, checkout, Thank you, or 404 pages.
  • Use flexible condition settings to manage campaigns performance effectively.
  • Take advantage of predesigned widgets based on items frequently bought together, new arrivals, trending now products, similar look, related products, and more.
  • Pick up the display format that suits your more: sliders, popups, static blocks.
  • Keep track of your upselling and cross-selling campaigns performance with a comprehensive analytics dashboard.

Pricing: supports one global pricing plan for all users – $19/month plus 2.9% of sales generated with the app.

13. Justuno


Justuno is a complex solution for conversion marketing based on precise analytics. It helps online retailers collect and analyze customer data to optimize their marketing campaigns. With Justuno, any vendor can attract, engage and convert potential customers into buyers with promotions, opt-in popups, targeted website messages, and much more. On top of that, the extension offers flexible design opportunities, accurate segmentation, and detailed analytics.

What you will do with the app:

  • Place exit-intent popups to your online store to capture emails of potential clients.
  • Choose popup design from the apps’ library or add your custom variant.
  • Use a rich toolset for converting abandon carts.
  • Run targeted marketing campaigns due to advanced segmentation options and built-in A/B testing tools.

Pricing: The recurring fee equals $29/month.

14. Shogun Page Builder

Try Shogun page builder to customize your BigCommerce store.

Shogun is indispensable when it comes to content generating. Thanks to intuitive drag and drop functionality, Shogun enables merchants with no design or development skills to create highly converting landing pages, product pages, and blog posts. 

Along with regular content blocks, the app also comes up with more advanced options such as countdowns or custom forms. Armed with A/B testing and analytics tools, Shogun can substitute a dozen of small tools to let you create, manage and analyze your content in one place.

What you will do with the app:

  • Enjoy 30+ ready-to-use page templates.
  • Run A/B split tests for data-based decisions.
  • Track user behavior metrics for actionable insights.
  • Optimize your content for SEO.
  • Adjust user permissions for better teamwork control.

Pricing: Shogun is available at $49/month for all BigCommerce users.

15. Popups and Forms by OptinMonster


And finally, one more great plugin that has been patiently waiting for its crowning moment. Welcome Popups and Forms by OptinMonster! With this easy-to-use app for BigCommerce, you’ll start effectively converting potential or abandoned customers into paying clients. Create various types of email capture forms, monitor store visitors’ onsite behavior, and motivate them to purchase by sending targeted messages.

What you will do with the app:

  • Create efficient converting campaigns with a drag-and-drop system.
  • Receive detailed statistics reports to control campaign performance.
  • Track specific events like purchases or custom form signups in real time.
  • Catch customers before they leave with exit-intent technology.
  • Use the library of premade popups.
  • Run A/B testing to check your hypotheses.

Pricing: OptinMonster integration with BigCommerce is free. 

Summing up

We hope our list of the best Bigcommerce apps was helpful and highlighted new opportunities for your marketing strategy improvement.  

In this article, we’ve covered only four niches with its top representatives, but of course, there are a lot more categories that are waiting to be explored. So stay tuned to get more ideas on increasing sales and ensuring the ultimate customer experience effortlessly.