According to stats numbers, the probability of selling to a new potential customer equals 5-20%, while the chance of selling to an existing client is 60-70%. That’s why product recommendations are successfully utilized by thousands of online merchants around the globe. However, to get the most out of upselling and cross-selling campaigns, merchants need to use them correctly.  

Claus Lauter, an Ecommerce Growth Optimization Expert and Business Mentor, has recorded a podcast with our CEO and founder, Artyom Rabzonov. On the show, they talked about how to effectively employ upselling and cross-selling recommendations to increase your conversion rate and average order value.

From this podcast episode, you’ll learn:

  • Why online merchants should use upsells and cross-sells
  • What’s the difference between upselling and cross-selling tactics
  • How to offer upselling and cross-selling products in a non-intrusive way and make them fit a customer journey
  • What are Amazon-like instant product recommendations, and how they work
  • How store owners can benefit from the post-purchase upsell tactic
  • And much more!

Take product recommendations over total control with the app. Launch multiple cross-selling and upselling campaigns, provide real-time product recommendations, and offer post-purchase upsells using every single chance to increase your sales.

Stay tuned to keep your fingers on the pulse of the e-commerce industry!