Today I’d like to broaden the scope of application and show you how can strengthen your marketing on Cart Page.

Shopify forums are flooded with topics like: “I have decent traffic and Add-to-cart activities but it all stops right there without completion. What can I do?”

That’s a million dollar question with a billion answers to chose from. The tricky stuff is to pick the right one.

Of course, one can’t gain full insight into what drives customers away but there are several flags to check for sure:

  1. Do you have a clear and straight refund policy?
  2. Are your shipping terms reasonable? (This is often a pain-point for drop shipping stores)
  3. Is your “About us” and “Contacts” information complete and convincing?

If all lights are green then you should probably take a closer look at your products’ value for money. I mean customers may love your merchandize, willingly explore the properties, add the desired product or variant to the cart but they often tend to hesitate when it comes to paying. Thoughts like “do I really need the stuff?” or “perhaps I’d better get back after payday and have a look one more time?” are often real deal breakers.

What can you do to push them forward and convince to checkout?

Well, to understand a customer you must think like a customer.

People are more likely to purchase something if they see it running low. You know all these “only 1…5 left in stock” notifications, right?

These might be working fine but have their disadvantages: limited effectiveness as they only work if the stock is really low. Otherwise, if you use this trick regardless of the real stock amount, you might risk potential reputation loss as the truth can be easily discovered by a nerdy buyer. In the latter case you might get a poor review or negative feedback. You don’t want that for sure.

But what is if the deal is a real bargain?  Let’s view a simulation of a real-life story.

Say, you are planning to visit your sister next weekend. Her kid is a fan of Ben 10 series. You would really love to make the nephew happy but your bills, rent, loans… So you are looking for a budget gift which would, however, be a good one for the little guy.

There’s a toy store online where you pick a Ben 10 toy and proceed to Cart Page. The price isn’t low and you might hover a bit, but then you see some “You may also like” recommendations with other Ben 10 products. All of them having a bit higher price that the one you’ve chosen. Doesn’t it look a good deal as compared similar toys? has diverse options to configure any upsell or cross-sell conditions, but along with that we offer tools for social communication as described above.

Here’s an example of how you can set up similar promotion on cart page:


We leave the first part blank since the rule should work for any product from your store

In the second part where we set attributes for Recommendations we put same collection (or type or any other group attributes) and price to be 10+% higher than the main product.

Voila! Here’s how it looks from customer side.


Who wouldn’t yield this best value offer?

As always we are here not only to tell you how to do cool stuff with the app, but also help you set your own ideas up. Let us know what you have in mind!

Have great sales and come back for more tips!