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Recom.ai is a powerful yet handy internal marketing tool to help you increase conversions by providing smart and configurable upsell and cross-sell recommendations.

Showing your customers more of the matching or related products helps retain them, deliver your exclusive message and explain the value of your merchandize.

Better shopping experience stands for higher customer satisfaction. No matter whether you represent your own brand or just do dropshipping, our app will do its best to help you add up to every single checkout.

Although we are constantly improving user experience the diversity of features might look a bit complicated in the beginning. That’s why we’ve decided to write a series of “how-to” posts to help you get along with the app faster.

Below is a quick guide on creating a simple statistics-based rule for cross-sells.

So, here we go:

On the Blocks tab click +Add to populate your pages with a block that will bring up recommendations for items customers often buy together.

Step 1: select Bought Together block:

Now the app would automatically check the order history and display products that were purchased together with the currently displayed item.

Step 2: once you confirm adding the block you’ll find yourself inside the first rule where you can either configure other conditions (which we will skip for now) or rename the rule from the standard “Frequently bought together” to, say, Amazonian “Customers also bought”.

Step 3: now let’s tell the app where exactly you want these recommendations to appear. Go back to Blocks and hover near the name to see the available options.

Select any or all of them.

That’s pretty much it!

You now may want to go to your site to see things working.

Here’s an example of a pretty much standard look:

Important: if there are no products within one order with the main item, the app will have nothing to display. In this case we recommend creating more specific rules. Please see the next post.

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