Looking to boost sales and increase your customer retention? Try upsells and cross-sells. When marketed right, upselling and cross-selling are ideal strategies for creating opportunities to build both your brand and your business. 

Product recommendations give your customers an explicit incentive to make a purchase. Success lies in convincing people that your suggestions will be of real benefit to them. If you add a time-sensitive discount to your product recommendations, it can help attract value-seekers and nudge fence-sitters to finally click “Buy right now”. 

Upselling and cross-selling also help you increase customer retention. A 2018 report shows that returning customers who engage with product suggestions (by clicking on it or reading a description, for instance) were 55% more likely to buy during the shopping session. For new customers, the figure was whooping 70%!

Most upselling and cross-selling campaigns have 3 primary goals: generate additional revenue, build stronger customer relationships, and increase customer lifetime value. As you create strategies geared toward those goals, remember the following tips.

#1. Display cross-sell messages on pop-ups

A customer visits a product page and once they realize the product is perfect for them, they add the product to the shopping bag. That’s where product recommendations come in. Showcase products that make their first purchase better. 

The golden rule of upselling and cross-selling is to ensure that it is highly relevant or complementary to the product your customer has added to the cart. It’s the clamp spotlight, the rug, the quilt cover and the pillowcase that go with the bed.

How heavily you incorporate popups into your store is up to you. But featuring too many popups can distract from the purpose of the page and risk annoying your visitors. We advocate a tightly focused effort. Choose a “quality over quantity” approach and only display popups on pages that your research suggests will be effective.

A brief guide on how to set it up with Recom.ai:

Begin by installing the app. Our consistent and intuitive dashboard makes creating your first cross-sell popup a breeze and each popup you create is mobile-friendly, so they will look great from any mobile device. Plus, you have a 14-day free trial.  

  1. Сlick + Add and select the type of product recommendation you’d like to create. 
Choose the type of recommendations

2. At this point, you can change the title, define the position of the widget, and edit the style. 

In the dropdown list “Placement type” select “As popup”. 

In the dropdown list select "As popup"

Then we use the “Popup delay” function to call the popup after the required period of time has elapsed.  

Use the popup dealy function

The popup will now open after your visitor has been browsing the site for five seconds.

3. Make your popup stand out and yet match the theme of your store by customizing its look and feel in the settings. 

Edit the look and feel of your popup

All configurations are instantly previewed right below the customization options. 

All configurations are instantly previewed right below the customization options.

4. Choose the pages where your popup will appear. 

Choose pages where your popup will be appear.

#2. Show personalized recommendations on the product page

The product page is one of the perfect points for upselling or cross-selling. Place personalized product recommendations on your product pages and help your customers discover stuff they are most likely to be interested in. 

As for personalization… Not all users purchase based on the same criteria. Your product recommendation engine should always be looking at what those criteria are and figuring out the “why” behind what shoppers are buying.

If you sell dresses, some of your customers will prefer particular colors and styles. Others will be loyal to their favorite brands. Others will prefer dresses sewn from eco-friendly fiber. 

Our recommendation engine analyzes data on both products and users and showcases products that your customers actually would like to buy. By using the Recom.ai app, you can show recommendations like “Top sellers from the same category”, “Trending from the same category”, “New Arrivals from the same category”, and “Last viewed” on your product page. 

#3. Increase average order value by displaying “Bought Together” on the cart page

One way companies sell more products is through bundling – offering 2 or more products that are complementary to the current purchase. This allows you to nudge users to add more items to their shopping bag, increasing their average order value. 

You don’t have to only place a “Bought together” recommendation box on the product page. Why not place them on your cart page and suggest things that might go well with products that have already existed on the cart. 

Install Recom.ai to set up these bundled offers on your cart page. You can determine where to locate product recommendation boxes and even pair products so that such bundled offers will be shown when relevant. 

#4. Get quicker sales post-purchase with personalized recommendations on the thank you page

When a shopper has made a purchase, you can get repeat purchases through the thank you page. Customers spend time on your thank you page, scanning details like their order delivery time and tracking link. Leverage this engagement by delivering smart recommendations here. 

You can suggest complementary products or similar stuff with the same price point. As with any marketing campaign, testing and benchmarking are essential. Always watch and make a note of what seems to be working. Certain kinds of recommendations perform better on some pages than others. The only way to know is to test and make changes according to what works and what doesn’t work. 

#5. Keep customers on your store for longer by triggering a popup with product recommendations

Due to the high visibility, popups capture your customer’s attention effectively, getting them to subscribe, unlock a discount, or just continue browsing your store. Recom.ai’s popups allow you to showcase product recommendations based on conditions set by you. 

For instance, if someone is on the cart page and is about to buy a new cardigan, maybe a “Others also bought” popup suggesting popular products like turtleneck sweaters would be effective. You are free to choose the kind of recommendations you want to show within the popup, whether it’s to promote top sellers or new arrivals.

Getting started with upsells and cross-sells

With these tips in your knowledge toolbox, you’re ready to start creating product recommendations and getting the word out about it. 

Cross-sells and upsells are an impactful way of driving sales. The key is to create an effective offer that is highly relevant or complementary to the initial purchase.

Recom.ai makes it easy to build effective upselling and cross-selling campaigns. With our app, you can take these campaigns to the next level. These product recommendations are tailored to each customer’s preferences and browsing history, ensuring they click on the items – and make a purchase. 

Your customers are waiting. It’s time to start creating product recommendations that they can’t resist.