A product recommendation campaign is the backbone of any personalized e-commerce experience – and often a starting point for merchants who want to deliver more relevant transitions to their customers. 

What some brands don’t know is that there are a plethora of aspects that go into the quality and impact of a product recommendation tactic: from titles that make them stand out to where your recommendations are placed on your product detail page. 

In this blog post, we’ll talk about a product recommendation position on the page – plus we’ll find out how to change the position of product recommendations with Recom.ai – Upsell & Cross-sell.

Why and where product recommendation placement matters?

Where to place suggestions on your product detail page is just as important as using them. A Barilliance study shows that above-the-fold recommendations are x1.7 more effective than below-the-fold recommendations. 

We tested the product recommendations placement on product pages and found it made a big difference in conversions. 

We sat product recommendations on a product page but below the fold. In this option the customer sees a product, description, price, add to cart, add to wishlist, then a reviews block before a product recommendation widget. 


The experts hypothesized that its position meant lots of visitors lost product recommendations and that this was detrimental to engagement. 

We decided to move the product recommendation widget at the top of the page to increase visibility. 


The simple repositioning had a formidable impact and proved the hypothesis to be true. The new positioning saw engagement with product recommendations increased by over 50%, and revenue per customer increased by almost 4%. 

How to customize the position of your product recommendations with Recom.ai – Upsell & Cross-sell

Using Recom.ai – Upsell & Cross-sell, you define where product recommendations to display as well as which element they will be anchored. 

A product recommendation widget can be located below or above the fold. 

To change your widget position, follow these steps:

After you click on the Widget tab, you’ll see the space that hosts all currently active widgets. 


2. Click +Add and select the type of widget you’d like to create


3. Click on the Related Products tab to edit some attributes (for instance, widget title, max products to display, and so forth)


4. Placement Type and Path are responsible for moving the widget on the page. It is based on element classes and id’s on the page structure. Type dropdown defines the position of the widget and Path tells the app to which element on the page the widget must be anchored.


Note! There are advanced features for customers familiar with HTML/CSS basics. Lost? Confused? Our Support team will always advise the correct settings. 

5. Select pages that will contain the widget and click Publish.


Voila! Check your widget appearance, it will be shown in the right position. 

Create a fluid customer experience

Product recommendations make it easy for customers to find what they want to buy. The smoother you can make their experience, the better they’ll think of your brand. 

When you use all tips and tricks to get the most out of product recommendations and deliver relevant products at the right location, the more likely customers are to make a purchase – and come back again.