Even though we have been reading tons of depressing news about Covid 19, and its negative effect on ecommerce, we do not forget about our clients.

The last several months have been extremely productive for our development and marketing teams. We keep in constant motion to get the best solutions for our clients.

Therefore, this time we have brought huge improvements, which are going to impress our regular customers. The latest update for our Recom.ai Upsell and Cross-sell Shopify application was released on April 9, 2020. We hope that these changes will be valuable for the whole Shopify community. So what have we done? In this blog post, we will go through all new features and find out how you will be able to add more value for your online store.

Welcome to our new Dashboard 

Why did we create a new dashboard for our Recom.ai Upsell and Cross-sell Shopify application. It is an irreplaceable tool for our client’s business as they use it in the daily routine. Why do we need to update the Dashboard? A dashboard is the first thing that clients see when they install our application. It provides access to all data, functions and controls of our Recom.ai application. In fact, it is a kind of main page for people who use our application.

We took a closer look at the latest trends in design and have chosen the best prototypes to use for our clients. It was not an easy task for us. Our talented team of UI/UX designers, front and back end developers, marketing specists created several prototypes for A/B testing to provide the best solution for your business. Every online store dreams about simple solutions which are easy to use for them. We think that we managed to do that.

Exclude unnecessary IP views

Driving traffic to your online store is one thing, but estimating the results is a different game. Many owners want to omit users who visit their online store to cut downs costs for widget views. The traffic is generated by the people who work for their company and visit this online store every day.

After the latest update of our Recom.ai application, this feature has become standard. You get access to improved statistics tracking all your visitors by avoiding unnecessary shows.

Block IP

Add up to 100 IP’s in your admin panel which will not be included in your billing. One per line.

Improved conversion tracking with Shopify API 

How to increase conversions? This is one of the most difficult tasks for your online store. All marketers are a little bit crazy when they think about conversions and conversion rate optimization. These are the two main goals for every marketer because without this nothing else really matters for your online store development. Better understanding of your sales funnel is your ultimate goal.

How much money can you get if you manage to decrease drop-offs? You will not be able to sell more if you do not get the clients where they want to go to sell more! Use our Recom.ai Upsell and Cross-sell application as an additional tool to track your conversions.

We have updated, fixed and improved our Recom.ai special tool to analyze and improve conversion tracking. You start taking into account users who closed your online store and left it for your competitor. Conversion tracking will give the hints and show you the pages where your customers left. This will be another tool for your marketers to take into account while building your marketing strategy.

Improved conversion tracking with Shopify API

Wrapping it up

Hopefully, the blog post provided you with all necessary information about our latest updates. These were the most impressive Recom.ai Upsell and Cross-sell application improvements for the last 2 months. With this latest version update you will be able to get more to improve your online store.

Read the official blog to learn more about the latest updates and changes. If you would like to enhance our Recom.ai Upsell and Cross-sell Shopify application with new  functionality feel free to contact us. Our team members will get back to you.