Product recommendations allow your online business to increase conversions, conversion rates, average order values, decrease cart abandonment while improving user experience. For example, if a customer bought the same turtleneck in 2 colors, there’s a good chance they’ll like the same turtleneck in a new color. Relevant recommendations are a key feature of stores for cross-selling and upselling based on customers’ preferences and behavioral data. 

Personalized product recommendations best practices

When you recommend products you’re sure your customers will love, you can enhance their shopping experience and drive more sales. The more personalized the experience, the better. 

Personalized product recommendations are typically made based on user behavior like purchases, page views, products added to the cart together. You probably interact with these every day. Amazon puts them all over, Spotify knows if you’re more likely to enjoy Tame Impala or Erik Satier

What these giants do – and what you can do, too – is use the behavior of current customers to make predictions about what would-be customers will be interested in. 

These personalized, relevant recommendations will make your customers feel like their minds are being read. This can have a great impact on their shopping behavior. 

Now that you have a better idea of product recommendations, let’s take a look at a few practices that can benefit both you and your customers.  

Introduce New Arrivals, Top Sellers, and Trending Now on the homepage

The homepage is equivalent to a brick and mortar store window display. It’s a great way to introduce your customers to special offers, current deals, and promotions. It’s also a great place to highlight your new arrivals and trending stuff. Product recommendations are more than welcome. 

To boost product visibility and ensure visitors see the latest products when they land on the store, Sephora displays “new arrivals” recommendations – a strategy that contributed to a 2,4X increase in conversion:

To welcome new visitors, Lush harnesses crowd wisdom, “best sellers” and “trending now” content to inspire and guide them to learn more about the brand and the most popular products:

The truth is: people are highly sustainable to influence from their peers. The products that other customers are looking at and buying are desirable and so, suggestions that hint at other users express a deep interest in have proven to increase conversion and click-through rate. 

Below you can see a guide of how to add a New Arrivals/Trending Now/Top sellers block to your store:

  1. Click + Add and choose New Arrivals/Trending Now/Top sellers

Install – Upsell and cross-sell to add product recommendations to your store and introduce new collections/trending stuff/best sellers. 

2. Design your product recommendations block

Customize your block with ease, change the style, add a star rating or sale badge. 

3. Determine where to locate your block that highlights new or popular products. 

Click on Publish and you’re all set. Customers will see new/popular stuff when they visit your store.

Display Bought Together on the product page

“Frequently bought together” recommendations increase average order values as they make essentials and accessories easy to discover. This is a strategy based on large amounts of historical user data. If 50% of customers who buy a bed frame also buy a slatted bed base, it makes sense to display it on the product page. 

H&M encourages the customers to “complete the look” using product recommendations bundles, which has helped increase average order value by 6,5%:

A fully stocked electrical wholesaler Trading Depot sells many items that are elements of larger systems. Instead of focusing on similar items, they upsell their customers with complementary products that they’ might be interested in:

Ensure customer can find Similar Products easily

At the end of a product page, you can locate a “Similar Products” recommendation widget showing relevant alternatives that are similar in style to what the customer is looking at. 

The goal is to stretch customers purchasing willingness and keep them on the website for longer. 

A smart way to maximize experience is to combine two blocks of product recommendations on the product page. In this example, similar products are shown above products that the customer has already shown interest in. 

This is another example of this strategy for the beauty industry:

Show You may also like on the cart page

The cart page is a prime time for You may also like suggestions. In fact, up to 25% of customers who engage with these recommendations (by clicking on it, for instance) actually buy the product. 

“You might also like” widget is added to the Kiehl‘s cart page to make it easier for customers to navigate back to past interests. This has contributed to a 45% increase in conversion for the company:

One way to drive more sales is to add “Try must-have minis” recommendations to the cart and thereby create a last-minute cross-sell opportunity:

Set up personalized recommendations to get more sales

With product recommendations, you can be able to keep your customers engaged and drive more sales. Well-placed relevant suggestions allow you to provide a seamless shopping experience while nudging the customers to make purchases. is a cross-sell and upsell platform that makes it easier for your store to display AI-powered recommendations on different locations of your store. These recommendations are relevant to the user, supporting them on reaching their goals and nudging them to finally click ‘buy now’. 

If your interest is piqued and you’re looking to start recommending (and honestly, why wouldn’t you be), there are 4 things you can do to make it more effective:

  • Introduce your new arrivals and trending stuff
  • Highlight Best Sellers and Bought Together products
  • Offer relevant products at the point of purchase
  • Promote Similar Items 
  • Combine different types of suggestions on the product detail page
  • And ALWAYS test different strategies and pay attention to whether certain kinds of recommendations perform better on some pages than others. 

And if you do all of those, you’re sure to see a significant increase in your revenue thanks to your upselling and cross-selling efforts.