Need a helping hand to run your Shopify store? No sweat. 

Shopify apps are a great way to improve your customer service, generate more sales, and automate daily tasks. 

But if you are new to the e-commerce world, it can be a real headache to understand which one you need to extend your ecommerce store’s functionality and which are a waste of time.

Take a deep breath. 

I’ve made a list of top 11 Shopify apps every retailer needs to use in 2020.

Now you don’t have to shuffle through that sea of Shopify tools.


Upsell & Cross-sell App

Let’s start with a riddle – which phrase has brought McDonald’s $200 million a year?

It sounds… attention… Do you want fries with that?

At, we lovvvve UPSELLING & CROSS-SELLING campaigns.

We’ve become so good at it one of our clients hits $13,339 two-week revenue from our widget alone:

upselling & cross-selling strategies

Want to do the same?

Follow these four steps:

1️⃣ Install the upsell & cross-sell app;

2️⃣ Create smart and simple rules to maximize the accuracy of recommendations;

3️⃣ Automate your performance;

4️⃣ Track down the results to understand which widgets have success.

Upselling and cross-selling to your visitors is a win-win strategy to increase cart size and average order value. 

With Recom, you are free to customize product recommendations according to the principle of relations between different color, style, size, and so forth. This makes your suggestions more personalized and tailored.

Pricing: Recom pricing starts at $0. The current plan is determined by the number of views per 30 days. 14-day free trial. 


Plug in Seo

As you’ve probably read in other articles, SEO is a must for any online store. Why? First off, good SEO practices help you to increase your auditory. Next, people tend to trust sites having a presence in the top positions.

Plug in SEO improves your company’s search engine rankings through the check of your store and blog for SEO problems, keywords, and so-called link rots. By fixing these issues, it increases your chances of getting ranked higher on Google searches.

In a nutshell: better SEO rankings = more sales 💰

Pricing: You can check unlimited SEO, Blog, Speed problems free of charge. But if you decide to go pro, the app offers a Plug In SEO Plus tariff that costs $20 per month. You can test out the paid edition during a 7-day free trial to see it’s for you.


Omnisend email marketing

In your arsenal of e-commerce tools, email marketing is as valuable as SEO. While SEO makes it easier for people to discover your webstore, email marketing is a go-to tool for nourishing customer relationships.

With advanced automation, smart segmentation, and precise targeting, Omnisend makes it possible for your email campaign to reach existing and potential users across multiple channels like email, SMS, FB, and Google.

Pricing: You can start with easy-to-build email campaigns pro bono. If you want to unlock the power of omnichannel marketing with free SMS and more channels, choose the STANDARD, PRO, or ENTERPRISE package.


Pushowl - web push notifications

Social networks know how to catch your attention – through notifications like:

“lullaby_of_trees mentioned you in a comment”

“sleepykingdom started following you”

“bunny_in_shades took a photo of you”

And what do you do after receiving such messages? Open up your FB, IG, or Twitter.

Push notifications (the official name of such messages) can work miracles and become a lever for increasing sales.

With PushOwl, you can convert your one-time into loyal customers by reminding them about items left in their carts, ongoing promotions, product stock changes, and more.

Pricing: The app provides a free basic plan and paid plans from $19 per month.


 Smile: Reward & Loyalty

If you are searching for new ways to interact with your community and new incentive to buy from you, this next app will allow you to do just as.

The concept of Smile: Reward & Loyalty is to help you build powerful loyal programs with exclusive offers, attractive discounts, points so that you can increase revenue, inspire customer loyalty, and cut back on customer acquisition, costs & boost retention.

Pricing: The app is available at no cost. But you can upgrade to include additional customization options. Upgrade pricing starts at $49/mo. 


Pre-order Manager

The common situation: visitors land on your webstore, browse through product pages, and are ready to purchase.

But the product is sold out. Customers leave the store and hardly return. But wait… there’s a solution.

A pre-order campaign is a great way to promote out-of-stock or upcoming products while measuring demand and a potential number of sales.

The whole point of the Pre-Order Manager app is to accept pre-orders from your visitors. You can use individual settings for certain variants. Worth noting, this app is perfectly compatible with all popular themes. So you can easily handle them as you see fit.

Pricing: Pre-order Manager’s features are available pro bono. There are also two premium plans with more capacity and features.


Low Sock Alert

Another common scenario: a customer finds a good at a store and decides to buy it. They want to add it to the cart, but realizes that the good is out of stock. Oops. You can lose a couple of orders and credibility as a merchant. Customers go elsewhere to find the needed product.

Low Stock Alert determines all items that dip below a certain stock level, puts them on a low stock list, and delivers a daily email notification about all low stock items. You can choose when you want to receive low stock emails – daily or in case any product falls below the low stock level you’ve set.

Pricing: You can sample Low Stock Alert with a 14-day free trial. Plans start from $5.99 per month. 


Exit Intent popup by Optimonk

Some of your visitors might leave your store without looking at your catalog. However, even in that split-second of a moment you still have a chance to draw their attention.

Optimonk is an unsigned message toolkit that showcases a pop-up to leaving customers. Depending on your needs, wants, and preferences, you can display a special deal or lead magnet to keep users on your site or encourage them to sign up for your newsletter.

Pricing: You can use this app free (for a single domain with 3,000 page views per month). Plus, paid options for additional features.


Wishlist Plus

Everyone who visits your store is able or willing to buy from you. What if there was a way for your shoppers to bookmark their favorite items.

With Wishlist Plus, you enable shoppers to save their favorite items and return when they are ready to purchase. The best part? You can figure out what your top “wishlisted” products are (and maybe offer your visitors an exclusive discount to convert them into loyal patrons!)

Pricing: Wishlist Plus has a free version available. If you ever need to expand your wishlist item limit, you can always try the upgraded plans from $14.99 per month.


Yotpo: Product & Photo Reviews

If I had to guess, you probably do your research on the product you’re about to purchase. For that reason, it’s significant to show product reviews, photo reviews, and Q&A.

Yotpo collects and displays product reviews, ratings, and user-created content, thereby establishing trust and empowering brands to create more positive customer experiences.

Pricing: You can start collecting reviews from $0. For paid tariffs you’ll have to request a quote.



Use the power of visuals to gain even more credibility and social proof. Since it’s impossible to transmit the product fabric or it’s fit for a screen, a photo of someone wearing that product is a must-have on your webstore.

SocialPhotos gathers your customers’ product photos from social media using a website widget or hashtags. You get to decide which of these photos makes it to your webstore.

Pricing: You can start with a 30-day free trial and later upgrade to one of the plans starting from $10 per month.

To Sum It Up

Here you go:

11 of the great Shopify apps you can install right now and start generating greater revenue.

Explore their rating, reviews, benefits, use them during a trial period, and analyze which of them have the biggest success!

But remember, Shopify has 1,000+ apps, so if you didn’t find any that you like in this post, there’s plenty more out there for you to choose from!

Happy app hunting!