Increase revenue, encourage upgrade purchases and reach new audiences when you combine strategies that work together.

This holiday season, looking for new recipes to achieve marketing goals? We’ve cooked up 3 vibrant and meaningful marketing tactics that will help you show customers extra care, inspire people to buy more products, and keep the momentum moving into the New Year.

Recipe#1. Keep your customers engaged with “You May Also Like” and “Bought Together” strategies

The hectic weeks between Thanksgiving and New Year’s Day is a great time to leverage the power of cross-sells. It helps you balance cash flows, but perhaps more importantly, it can help you improve customer shopping experience. For quick and easy success, try:

  • Using multiple types of cross-sells on the product page.
  • Offering visually compatible products to help visitors complete the look.
  • Recommending items similar to the product currently being viewed. Thus, you deliver a more engaging experience to your customers.
Use multiple types of cross-sells on the product details page

Time: 20 minutes


  • Product detail page
  • You may also like widget
  • Bought together widget


  1. Create a widget. Begin by installing – Upsell & Cross-sell. Our intuitive dashboard makes building your product recommendations box a breeze and each box you create is mobile friendly, so they’ll look great from any mobile device. Plus, you have a 14-day free trial.
  2. Set rules for the widget. A machine-learning product recommendation engine is great. But Artificial Intelligence needs a direction from human beings like you. After you’ve added the widget, you’ll set the rules which tell the app what to display as product recommendations.
  3. Edit style of the widget. To match the look of your widget to your website branding, customize the look and feel of the widget. This helps increase customer engagement and build brand awareness.
  4. Track down the results. Check the progress and effectiveness of each widget performance and make decisions as the situation requires.

Recipe#2. Attract first-timers with New Arrivals and Best Sellers blocks

Is there the best time for attracting new customers into your store than the holidays? You can use this opportunity to showcase a new product line and trending products. By combining Bestsellers and New Arrivals strategies on your homepage, you can drive more sales and help your customers discover things they are most likely to be interested in.

  • Highlight your best sellers. People trust popular stuff. Make their purchasing decisions easier by drawing more attention to the stuff your other shoppers already love.
  • Introduce your newest merchandise. It’s a great way to drive customers to upgrade their purchases and give exposure to seasonal products or new collections you’ve recently added to your catalog.
Showcase best sellers and New Arrivals in the homapage

Time: 20 minutes


  • Homepage
  • New Arrivals widget
  • Best Sellers widget


  1. Choose New Arrivals and Top sellers widgets. Click + Add and select the type of widget you’d like to create from the list of available widgets.
  2. Set rules for the widget recommendations. After you’ve added the widget, you’ll see a screen to configure the Sorting, Widget products quantity and widget Rules.
  3. Design your block. Our flexible templates and intuitive designer make it easy to create New Arrivals and Bestsellers blocks that match your brand.
  4. Start highlighting best sellers and new stuff. Turn it on and the rest is automated. Every customer will see your product recommendations widgets.

Recipe#3. Motivate customers to spend more with special offers

This recipe is an old favorite that’s helpful all year long because it gives you a way to increase your average order value and deliver better solutions for customer problems. Add an upsell offer to the shopping cart, quickly promote high-quality alternatives, and get more sales without pushing too hard.

Add an upsell offer to the shopping cart

Time: 15 minutes


  • Cart page
  • Upsell Offer


  1. Create a new Upsell offer. Assign trigger conditions based on the number of the products in the cart or the dollar value of the purchase.
  2. Choose products that will be delivered to the customers. The app’s Al-engine is super, but not all shoppers are guided by the same principles. To make your upsell unique to every customer, set which products will be recommended as upsells.
  3. Add a discount to your upsell offer. If you strike out the initial price on your website and highlight the new price, perhaps in red color or via the phrase “Save $5 with this offer”, shoppers can easily see the benefits of the purchase.

Start recommending

Our app should help you maximize sales and add value to the shopper experience during the holidays and all year long. We hope that our tool will save you time and boost your revenue by effortlessly generating personalized product recommendations your customers are most likely to purchase. 

Happy holiday sales season!