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Product Changelog


  1. We improved products display logic in the Scout widget.


  1. We enhanced the Scout widget performance.


  1. We enhanced UX/UI for easier custom rules creation. Now they are based on AND/OR logic.
  2. Minor UX/UI improvements.


  1. We added a new Scout feature:
  • Scout icon is added to the sidebar menu
  • Scout widget is added
  • Scout is added to “Widgets” selector on the Analytics page

  1. We redesigned the Global Look & Feel tab (renamed in Default Design).
  1. UI/UX enhancements.


  1. UI/UX enhancements
  2. Redesign of the ‘Settings’ page


  1. Redesign of the Billing page
  2. Hovering on the widget card, the eye icon (that is designed to show the number of views) remains. 
  3. The “Save settings for the rule” button became active after the user made some changes in the rule. 
  4. Add the hint to the Discount settings section.
  5. Add banners that notify users of billing model updates.


  1. UI/UX enhancements
  2. Add the ‘edit’ indicator for an upsell offer


  1. Upsell offer enhancements
  2. The “All Upsells” page redesign
  3. The “Upsell products” step redesign
  4. The “Upsell settings” step redesign


  1. Upsell offers can be displayed not only on a cart page but also product pages. 
  2. The “Page and Position” step redesign. 


  1. Finalization of setup assistant (aka Wizard) for BigCommerce. 
  2. Redesign of the “Page and Position” step for BigCommerce. 
  3. App feature enhancements for BigCommerce. 


  1. Analytics page redesign
  2. Special offer redesign for both desktop and mobile.
  3. Trigger conditions redesign


  1. Upsells creation redesign:

  • Progress trackers were added
  • Hints were added

  1. Cross-sells creation redesign:

  • Progress trackers were added
  • Lists of widgets were grouped
  • At the configuration stage, selected widgets are highlighted with blue frames. 


  1. Billing interface optimization:
  2. Billing screen states:

1. If the user accepted billing but there is no data yet.

2. If billing is not available.

3. If the trial is over. The user should accept billing to continue displaying widgets on the store. 

4. If a 7-day trial period is activated. 


  1. Add indicators: 
  • ‘Create’ for creating mode
  • ‘Edit’ for editing mode

  1. Add progress trackers (they help indicate where in the process the user is, for example, step 1 of 3). 
  1. Relocate a preview window to the bottom-right corner (by clicking on the preview pane icon, it will be displayed as a modal dialog box)
  1. Modify the appearance of rules according to mock-ups
  1. Change the dropdown to radio buttons (when the user selects where the widget will appear).
  1. Change icons:
  • Delete
  • Save