Great news for all BigCommerce store owners! The Beta version of the app has come to an end. From June 30, you’ll be able to enjoy its full version and take advantage of the whole feature list. 

During the test period, the app has already generated more than $50 mil extra revenue for our users by showing relevant product recommendations to their customers. And we are sure that’s just the beginning.

What options does it offer?

We’ve accumulated best upsell & cross-sell practices to provide you with the tool that works out of the box. No tricky settings and dozens of useless tabs! The app starts generating extra sales literally in a couple of clicks.

Let’s take a quick look at the features you’ll get with the app.

Scout – a new approach to product recommendations

Try AI-powered Scout for instant product recommendations. While typical browse & search options don’t always show relevant results, Scout displays a widget based on products’ visual similarity on any store page. Shoppers click the ‘like’ or ‘dislike’ buttons right in the widget, and Scout instantly displays products based on their preferences.

Automated upsells & cross-sells

Powered by computer vision technology, the app automatically recommends related or complementary items to shoppers. Apart from that, to significantly increase your average order value, you can offer higher class or premium products with automatic upsells.

A rich collection of widgets for BigCommerce offers 11 handy cross-sell widgets wrapped in an elegant design. Apart from that, one can easily customize each widget to match your store theme. 

recom widget top seller

Flexible rules for widgets display

Set flexible rules that trigger widgets display, based on any product attribute, and locate them wherever you want: on a product, checkout, shopping cart, Thank You page.

In other words, our smart product recommendations follow your visitors along their customer journey.

Detailed analytics dashboard

Make data-driven decisions with our handy analytical dashboard. Keep track of your Upsell & Cross-sell campaign performance without using any additional tools. As convenient as it can be!

Analytics for cross-selling widgets

What’s next?

The team has already delivered a bunch of new features, and a roadmap of them is planned to be released throughout 2021.

We are happy to be a part of a huge BigCommerce community and promise to do our best to provide you and your customers with the ultimate user experience. 

Stay tuned for updates!