You made it, you built your Shopify store from scratch. 

“Okay, what’s next?” you might be wondering. 

It’s high time you learn how to make money with it. 

In this blog post, we will help you choose the right strategies that suit your needs and the budget best, and show how other companies succeed along the way. 

Display cross-sell messages in pop-ups

Studies show that pop-ups help e-commerce players like you increase their conversions by up to 44%. There are many ways to use a pop-up in your e-commerce store: from enticing customers with a time-sensitive discount to displaying relevant product recommendations at the right moment. 

So, for instance, If a customer is about to buy a mattress, entice them with complementary items like a quilt cover and pillowcases via a pop-up that is triggered when a customer adds a product to the shopping cart. 

This allows the customer to discover relevant products without interrupting their journey and encourages cross-sell. 

A good example comes from REN Skincare, which uses a slick design to suggest complementary products once a customer has added something to the cart. 


Show personalized product recommendations on the product page

You probably interact with cross-selling recommendations every day. Amazon puts them everywhere, from your homepage to your shopping cart page. This way, even if the customer is not interested in the product they looked at, they can easily navigate to other products. 


But Amazon is a giant. Small businesses can’t cross-sell, right? That’s where – Upsell & Cross-sell comes in. Now, you can recommend products each of your customers are most likely to purchase. 

The app allows you to display your recommendations across your store and do cool things like:

  • Highlight Bestsellers and Trending stuff
  • Introduce New Arrivals
  • Promote related products
  • Offer alternatives at the same price point and more

To incorporate recommendations into your site, you need to:

  1. First, install our app and choose the type of recommendations you want to display. 
  2. Then, define related items via a flexible rule system or leave it for our automation algorithms.
  3. Next, edit the look of your widget.
  4. Finally, choose locations for your product recommendations: homepage, product page, cart page, 404 page, and so forth. 

Ready to add personalized product recommendations to your Shopify store? Here is a guide to help you get started. For more inspiration and 1:1 guidance, reach out to our support team. 

Leverage “Frequently bought together” strategy on the cart page

One way to increase your sales on Shopify is through bundling – when brands combine products that act as components of a larger system. This can allow you to nudge customers to add more items to their cart, increasing the average order value. This widget is ideal for a product page, but it can also be shown on the cart page if the customer has added one of the two products within the bundle. 


With – Upsell & Cross-sell, you can define where you want your bundles to be shown and even pair products so that your bundles will be always relevant. 

Get repeat purchases with product recommendations on the Thank You page

The big deal about a thank you page is that it marks a pivotal moment in the customer journey. Now your fence-sitters have finally clicked “buy now” and have turned into paying customers. Either way, your thank your page visitors are primed to take the next step in your sales process. And your thank you page should take full advantage of that momentum. If it doesn’t, you’re missing a valuable opportunity. 

You can recommend products that would pair well with the origin purchase or showcase recently viewed products. 

Thank you page suggestions by Amazon include a “Customers who bought this product also bought” block:


Entice your customers to spend more through in-cart upsell pop-up

Cart page is prime time for upselling. Upselling is described as encouraging the purchase of something that would make the initial purchase more expensive.

Instead of focusing on related products, you can upsell your customers with more expensive alternatives. Fun fact: up to 25% of customers who engage with these recommendations (by clicking on it or reading the description) actually order the product. 

One way to drive more sales is to showcase recommendations at the end of their journey that create last-minute upsell opportunities:

image – Upsell & Cross-Sell allows you to add an upsell offer to the cart to quickly promote more advanced and feature-rich products. When you create your upsell offer, you’ll choose how many products to include, as well as how they’ll display. 

Increase sales on Shopify to stay ahead of the competition

We hope these marketing strategies will help you understand how to increase your sales on Shopify. One of the most effective tactics that every merchant can incorporate into the store is product recommendations. These recommendations are unique to each based on their past purchases. 

Setting up recommendations that are relevant is easy with our app – – Upsell & Cross-sell. allows you to save time and increase your revenue by effortlessly generating content that simply makes sense.