In most cases we recommend as much automation and generalization as possible. It is faster, takes less effort and usually ends up with 5-7 rules to cover all stock.   Nevertheless, there are cases when you need very specific products be connected to each other while not sharing any common attribute like collection, type, tag or other similarities. That’s where Direct Match takes the floor.

Direct Match is a method of setting up together items that have no common attributes. In short you just tell the app that this group of products must go up together once any of them is viewed by a customer.

Here’s a good example from one of our clients. A big store of crafted hunting gear and related lifestyle products.


As seen on the image above there’s a set of clothes and accessories the store’s stylists recommend wearing together and the config made means that for any product from this set all others will be displayed by the app as Recommendation.

Here’s how things look live:


You might notice that although the rule config counts 5 products from the set, the live store shows only 2 recommended products beside the main one. This is happening because the app has a feature that hides sold out items. That’s exactly the case.

This approach to building your recommendations might seem a bit plain, but the stats we see are telling us that Direct Match rules show higher conversion rate than any other type.

It is totally your call which approach to use to rocket your sales with our app. team is always here to help.