In today’s increasingly competitive marketplace, delivering contextual customer experience is no longer “nice to have” – it’s an expectation. 59% of customers say that personalization influences their shopping decision. 

Amazon does a fantastic job of delivering the content that matters most to their customers. You can replicate the kind of success that Amazon has. 

We analyzed every strategy incorporated into Amazon, from homepage to product pages to shipping confirmation. We’ve rounded up these tactics to provide tips on how you can put them into your Shopify store. 

Homepage recommendations

To welcome visitors, the Amazon homepage uses crowd logic, “Top sellers” and “Trending Now” ribbons to inspire and guide them to learn more about the brand and their most popular stuff – a strategy that contributed to a 2.4x increase in conversion. 


People trust popular products. Amazon makes customers’ purchasing decisions easier by bringing more attention to items their other customers already love. 

Product page recommendations

On the product page, Amazon combines several types of product recommendations to maximize the experience. These product recommendations make it easy for customers to discover new products while driving more sales. 

Amazon and their marketers know how to encourage customers to continue exploring once they’ve viewed a particular product:


Additionally, they keep previously browsed products in front of the customer by displaying the “Your browsing history” box:


In addition to recommending similar products, Amazon upsells their shoppers with relevant products that they may be interested in:


How heavily you incorporate product recommendations into your site is up to you. Amazon has boxes with product recommendations on every single page. Marketers and designers who follow this approach believe that: the more recommendations, the higher the possibility of making a purchase. Detractors of the approach argue that putting too many suggestions distracts from the message of the page and risks annoying customers. 

As for us, we’re advocates of a “quantity over quality” approach. The goal of product recommendations is to help your customers find something useful. It’s all about adding value and the difference between “selling” something and adding value is huge. It bears repeating: your goal should be to support your customers in reaching their own. 

Category page recommendations

The category page is the bridge between a homepage and product pages. This the part where you give the customer the opportunity to narrow down options to guide them to desired products. 

At this step, Amazon leverages product recommendations inspired by customers’ browsing history:


Cart page recommendations

A shopping cart is a prime time to offer complementary products to complete a customer’s purchase. A 2016 report reveals that customers who interact with recommended products (by clicking on it or reading a description, for example) were 55% more likely to buy during that shopping session. 

Amazon drives additional purchases by displaying “Customers who bought this item also bought” at the end of their journey to create a last-minute upsell opportunity:


Thank you page recommendations

Many companies miss out on a perfect opportunity to engage with customers once they’ve placed an order. Worse even, these companies don’t even know that they’re missing out. A sad tale, but Amazon isn’t one of them. 

After completing a purchase, the customer receives a thank you, confirmation of the order, order details, and suggestions for products the customer may be interested in based on the items the customer has already bought or viewed online. 


Do like Amazon with – Upsell & Cross-sell

As you see, Amazon puts product recommendations all over, from a homepage to thank you page. But Amazon is giant. Small companies can’t do personalized product recommendations, right? It requires data, math, and other boring things that you don’t want to think about. 

That’s where – Upsell & Cross-sell comes in. Now you can have recommendation boxes with products each of your customers will likely buy. 

Your product recommendation campaigns are just a few steps away:

  1. First, you install – Upsell and cross-sell.
  2. You choose a type of recommendation you would like to use.
  3. Next, customize the style of your recommendations box. 
  4. Finally, select pages that will contain this widget and click Publish

To maximize the accuracy of recommendations, you can customize some attributes of your choice to provide visitors with really useful products and show that you take care of their wants and needs. This task can be performed through a smart and flexible rule system

You’re all set. Our app will generate upsell and cross-sell recommendations, saving your time and enabling you to do such cool things like:

  • Introduce your best sellers and trending now stuff
  • Highlight New Arrivals, Similar Look, and Bought Together products
  • Deliver relevant items at the moment of purchase
  • Create an in-cart upsell offer
  • Promote products in different forms, from static blocks to sliders to pop-ups
  • Place recommendations on every single page of your site. 

We hope our app will save your time and effort and increase your revenue by effortlessly generating content that makes sense like Amazon. 

These smart strategies and our app can help you establish your brand as a unique online store within your industry and ensure that your customers receive a personalized experience.