Do marketing quizzes work in 2021? Surely yes! According to the stats numbers, 66% of marketers confirmed audience engagement boost after using interactive content. In addition, 81% of digital specialists admit that such content is way more effective at drawing users’ attention than static texts, images, or blocks.

Therefore, if you still haven’t included quizzes in your marketing strategy, it’s high time to do it and start reaping the benefits.

Before coming up with the ideas of the best marketing quizzes for your e-commerce business, let’s figure out which factors make interactive content rock.

The ultimate ingredients of high-performing marketing quizzes

Despite the deceptive ease, designing a quiz that works requires time and creativity. Hence, before clicking the Publish button, ensure your quiz is:

  • Relevant. When creating a poll, always think of your target personas. The more precisely tailored your written and visual message is, the more likely your marketing questions will hit the target.
  • Evergreen. On the one hand, being on edge with the fresh context content is a safe choice. But, on the other hand, today’s hot memes or jokes will go outdated even faster than you may expect. Thus, to generate scalable content that will be sound in two or three years, make sure your pall is based on basic facts, problems, or cultural values that resonate with your audience.
  • Shareable. By “shareable,” we mean users’ desire to share your marketing quiz with others and the ease of distribution. Hence, equip your poll with links, share buttons, and CTA to follow your users along the whole process.
  • Sticky. Yep, holding users’ attention is not an easy thing. However, content stickiness is essential if we want to make high-performing interactive comtent. So, roll your sleeves up and do your best to amaze visitors with a catchy headline, brilliant copywriting, and stunning images.
  • Short. It’s now or never!  Did you know that the average attention span of a user is about only nine seconds? It means that, if you did everything right with promising headlines, short and engaging questions, and relevant images, and creative quiz endings, you win the battle.

Well, now you know how to create your ideal poll. And without further ado, we introduce the list of the 15 best marketing quizzes for your e-commerce business.

Inspirational ideas for marketing quizzes

No marketing campaign will succeed without a goal. Hence, keeping in mind what you want to achieve, you are more likely to develop the proper content format.  Below we list some poll types with examples to show how brands complete their marketing goals with quizzes.

1. Shoppable quizzes

The product matching quiz is a perfect solution to increase customer engagement and move visitors throughout your sales channel. You can rework your sales rep’s scenario into a poll to automatically gather customer data and recommend products based on specific customer needs.

That’s why modern businesses willingly adopt this technique to improve customer engagement, motivate spontaneous purchasing, and increase sales.

Example: The store specializing in body care products from the USA offers a quick and engaging fragrance quiz to help visitors instantly pick up the perfect match item.

2. Marketing Quizzes to learn customer demand

Without a doubt, they are a great source of customer data. So, if your goal is not only to entertain your audience but to get info for actionable insights, a well-thought-out list of questions can appear more useful than resource-consuming marketing surveys.

What can business marketing quizzes tell about your customers? Actually, a lot. You can find out what content your audience really appreciates, what products or collections they like, what marketing activities make visitors return, etc.

Have no design skills? Don’t worry! There are dozens of online quiz builders that help you instantly design and create compelling tests and get closer to your audience. For instance, with the Typeform, one can generate multiple questions with minimum effort.

3. Quizzes to collect customer emails

Want to know how to build customer loyalty and generate a rich list of emails for your marketing activities? Just add the opt-in form to your quiz! This is one of the easiest and yet effective solutions for lead generation. The more creative and engaging your content is, the more chances to grab customer data you have.

However, users are unlikely to share their data “for free,” so we recommend motivating them with discounts or other bonuses. You can also place the form before the results step and promise to send the results via email as the Brevite store does.

4. Post-purchase surveys

When it comes to collecting customer feedback, nothing can beat post-purchase surveys. Invite your clients to take a quiz about their shopping experience and easily gather important marketing information about your website and services. You can deliver poll links after a customer has completed the purchase via email or messenger.

Thus, post-purchase surveys kill two birds with one stone. First, you show your clients that you really care about them, and second, you gather the feedback that will help improve your store and services.

5. Educational and entertaining quizzes

With this type of marketing quizzes, you’ll not only engage your visitors with funny or sticky content but let them learn more about your brand, products, and services. This way, you’ll make your business memorable for each customer to increase the chances that they’ll choose your store among competitors.

Apart from that, you can precisely segment them for personalized email campaigns based on users’ responses.

6. Customer onboarding quizzes

Interactive onboarding quizzes for marketing are a great way to collect customer info for future segmentation and provide a personalized customer experience. Make your list of questions short and engaging enough not to distract customers’ attention from purchasing.

Tip: Share some info about your business to let shoppers know you better and build a closer emotional connection with your brand.

7. Size pickers

Run an apparel store and dream of providing customers with the ultimate shopping experience? Equip your website with a size picker quiz. While different stores may have different sizing, consumers feel frustrated when choosing clothes or shoes online. Therefore, a wisely thought-out set of questions will help you recommend the right size. This is a win-win combination: customers get what they really need, and you get satisfied clients ready to come back to your store for purchases and reduce returns.

Size picker quiz

8. Personal style quizzes

Sometimes customers need more than just determining the correct clothing size. In the world of fast fashion, one has to spend hours trying to figure out what to put on to look trendy. And, of course, brands have already learned how to convert customer frustration into profit.

Now they provide online style advisors with personalized recommendations. In other words, after completing the quiz, users get a list of relevant product recommendations. This is an amazing upselling and cross-selling approach that improves the customer shopping experience and grows your AOV.

9. Product bundle quizzes

Let store visitors build their own product bundles. This highly engaging marketing tactic lets you easier convert visitors into paying buyers and increase your AOV. By answering your questions, buyers can create their own bundle consisting of two, three, or more products. You can also create ready-made product sets based on customer replies like Dollar Shave Club, offering personalized boxes with discounts.

10. Personality quizzes

Personality quizzes work great if you need to stock up on additional info about your audience. By learning their habits, preferences, and daily routine, you’ll be able to launch high-converting personalized marketing campaigns. On top of that, you can use customer info to recommend a specific product that will be a perfect match for this or that personality type. For instance, if you sell jewelry, you can run the marketing quiz “Which stone is the best for you” and show a widget with corresponding stone jewelry items once a shopper completes your survey.

Beardbrand also uses the “personality type” quiz to spark customer interest right on the home page.

Personality Type Quiz

11. Gift Finders

Users constantly look for gifts online. And almost everything you sell can be packed and offered as a gift. So, don’t limit your gifting activities to seasonal holidays. Instead, help store visitors pick up the perfect gift for a grandad’s birthday or someone’s wedding anniversary with your quiz.

Take a look at the Mamas&Papas website that offers a quick way to find gifts for kids.

12. Virtual consultations

If made correctly, virtual consultation quizzes can replace a real shop assistant. Normally they contain a long list of questions but help shoppers pick up the best solutions.

  1. Before rolling out your business marketing quiz, make sure you’ve carefully gathered all necessary information about the items you sell and how exactly they address customer needs.
  2. Then think over the guiding questions. Keep the structure logic so that each next question narrows down products selection and leads to the perfect match.
  3. Eliminate all redundant questions to keep only necessary minimum.

Derma Essentia’s skin analysis is a live case of a well-thought-out consultation survey. Yes, it’s a bit longer than other quizzes on our list, but while it perfectly works for customers, that’s okay.

13. Quiz Contest

Need even more tools to generate new leads? Try marketing quiz contests with special prizes that motivate customers to sign up and answer questions willingly. Actually, you can add prize options to any quiz type. For instance, such incentives perfectly work with educational polls where shoppers need to gain the highest score to get the reward.

Tip: Try to find the best prize-effort ratio. If your marketing quiz questions are too mind-bending and time-consuming, you risk losing your potential clients.

Moreover, invite your shoppers to share their contest results on Facebook or Twitter to attract new leads effortlessly.

14. Quiz chatbot

As soon as up-to-date consumers want to feel valued, brands have to do their best to treat them in a special way. And this is when quiz chatbots come into the game. Organized in as a conversation with a real shop assistant, they provide visitors with a personalized shopping experience. Therefore, using this tool for your marketing goal is a surefire path to increase retention and boost AOV.

See how Clare builds communication with customers using a human-like chatbot.

15. Quiz for kids

If your sell products for kids, you can also use the magic power of quizzes. But remember that parents will be more likely to approve educational content rather than entertaining. That’s why to hit the target, design your trivia games for schoolchildren to be really useful. Let young users learn something new about your business, industry, or niche.

Quizzes for kids

16. Quizzes on Instagram

Online merchants who promote their brands on Instagram know how interactive content helps retain current customers and convert new ones. And a quiz format seems to be “born” for Instagram Stories.

  1. Carefully plan your content strategy based on your audience specifics.
  2. Choose an engaging topic connected with your brand or niche.
  3. Make your quizzes for marketing simple and short (up to 5 questions per series of Stories).
  4. Use special quiz stickers.
Instagram Quiz

17. Quizzes for customer re-engagement

Nowadays, online shoppers are overloaded with tons of content splashed to their faces. This leads to customer idleness when they ignore all this “marketing” noise and, as a result, miss your offers. One more reason why users may ignore you is that they just don’t want to look for necessary products and services by themselves and wait till you present them on a silver platter.

Therefore, sometimes you need to re-engage your visitors with special activities that help consumers instantly find what they want.

Take a look at Airbnb’s Trip Matcher that aims to wake up idle travelers and prompts them to make a purchase decision. Their well-designed quiz offers a list of short questions that help to detect what type of a traveler you are and then recommends places to visit.

Trip Matcher quiz

Wrapping up

As you can see, there are dozens of marketing quiz formats, and you can easily adapt them to various business goals.

Utilize them for:

  • Collecting data for lead generation
  • Customer segmentation
  • Product recommendations
  • Building customer loyalty
  • Boosting AOV and conversions

Choose the content type depending on your brand specifics with the target audience in mind and carefully analyze gathered information to make data-driven decisions.