Whether you’re running a clothing store or you’re about to launch one, you’re on the right way. Clothing is the most successful e-commerce market. 

So how do you make it in this promising industry? With a cohesive strategy to keep your sales steady. 

Offer more expensive alternatives

The probability of selling to current customers is 60% to 70% compared with 5% to 20% for new ones. Upselling, or offering more expensive alternatives, is one of the best strategies to promote your products to existing customers. 

If you installed Recom.ai – Upsell & Cross-sell, you can provide your visitors with the most relevant upsell offers based on the data you have available. It is a great opportunity to increase cart value while reminding your customers that you care about their wants and needs. 

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If you think that upselling is a waste of time, you’re wrong. The very first year that Amazon tested a recommendation engine on their store, upselling was responsible for a 35% increase in sales

Let’s look at how DollsKill upsells to the max, giving the buyer different long sleeve tees they can choose from: 


Recommend supplementary products

Suggesting supplementary products is a great way to cross-sell when users land on the page from external sources and don’t have a browsing history. Suggestions for supplementary products serve two purposes. Firstly, they inform your customers about other products offered on the web store. Secondly, they ease navigation by enabling cross-category scope jumping. 

Here is a good example of how Madewell subtly cross-sells when a customers is considering a product:


Showcase related products

Some products complement each other well and it’s best to buy them together. You can incorporate the related products feature into your webstore to showcase a Style with box as well as to cross-sell products at the checkout. This feature helps you promote certain products, ease navigation and drive more sales. 

When visiting a product page, a fashion brand retailer H&M uses a combination of Other also bought and Style With:


Bundle products together

One strategy fashion brands drive more sales is through bundling – the selling of different products together for a combined cost. Merchants use this tactic to promote unpopular stuff with best sellers. 

Product bundling is advantageous for both merchants and customers. For merchants, product bundling increases sales while boosting average order value which in turn leads to a boost in revenue. 

Customers also win. First, they save their time as you direct their attention to the things you know they need and want. Next, they save money as it is cheaper to buy a product kit than to purchase items separately. Finally, you make their purchasing decisions easier by giving your customers a chance to visualize mix-and-matchable outfits.

One famous example comes from Mango, which sold more products when bundling them: 


Promote what customers also bought

Amazon was the first to use this feature. When visiting a product page on Amazon, you must have noticed a Customer also bought section showing products that were frequently bought by customers who also bought this specific item. 

This strategy is extremely useful as it solves the problem of discovery as well as addresses the perennial question of “how to boost sales?”

When H&M’s customers land on product pages, they see relevant alternatives or complementary products that may pique their interests:


Here’s another example from Under Armour where they display “Customers Also Bought” products on their cart page that create a last-minute cross-sell opportunity:


Leverage Recently Viewed strategy

The Recently viewed tactic provides products the user has recently interacted with. This is a great technique for encouraging repeat purchases. Simultaneously, it helps create a seamless customer experience by guiding visitors toward products they’ve previously shown interest in. 

Cynthia Rowley keeps previously browsed products in front of the customer by displaying a Recently Viewed box:


Highlight your Best Sellers and Showcase New Arrivals

Customers trust popular products. Simplify their shopping journey by bringing more attention to the stuff other customers already love. 

As for new arrivals is a variation of upselling with featured products, and is one of the most popular strategies. 

Look at Madewell cart page which puts a big emphasis on promoting new arrivals as well as most-shopped products:

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Get ready to boost sales and keep growing

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