Check out our latest features and updates built specifically with you in mind. 

We’ve been tinkering away at new features to make marketing your business even easier with Dive into a few of the things we changed over the last few months to help you keep growing at every time of year.

A new billing solution

Make a transition

We’ve implemented a new billing system that is based on the recurring monthly charge of $19.00 plus 2.9% of sales generated through the app. If the app generates no revenue, you pay a monthly recurring charge ONLY – additional fees will not apply. We also offer a 30-day money back guarantee, if you are not completely satisfied with our app for any reason.

  • Free trial length: 7 days, after which:
  • Recurring fee: $19 USD (+2,9% of sales generated through the app)
  • Billing frequency: every month
  • Additional fees may apply up to a maximum of $319 USD.

Upsell offer enhancements

Give your upsell offer a name

We’ve enhanced our upsell pop-up builder to help you capture the attention of website visitors and increase your average order value. You can edit your upsell offer title as needed. Instead of using standard “Special offer”, you can make changes according to what your upsell offer’s purpose is:


Interface changes

Simplify the management of the app

One main goal of this new UI/UX design is to provide a convenient and intuitive interface to our users. Now, our dashboard is made up of structured elements, which maintain visual harmony while enhancing user satisfaction with the app.

Below are some of the changes and improvements we’ve made:

  • First, we’ve updated and made some changes to the Welcome screen. You’ll see a new welcome screen when you log into your account. The changes are as follows:
  • We’ve also made some important changes to keep things organized. Widgets, Upsells, Analytics, Wizard, Profile are now accessible through a Navigation Sidebar. By hovering over the “Profile” icon, you can see User Guide, Settings, Get Helps, Billing tabs. 
  • Finally, we’ve made our statistics system easier to use and navigate around the different sections.

Wrapping it up

At, we always listen to our clients, hear their needs, and offer innovative and practical options. We’re constantly making improvements to our app so you can market smarter and grow faster.

You inspire us to get better. Join us. Together, we can take your business to the next level.