It’s been 2 months since our latest updates. In that time, 13,2 million people have received a total of 44,8 million recommended products.

Those campaigns have made a total of $1,5 million USD in revenue, and $170,000 of that revenue—more than 12%—came from people who bought or clicked on recommended items.

Product recommendations have been a huge success for our customers and we continue our research to make the app even better. In fact, we’ve recently made a few updates.

These updates are the next step in the brand evolution we launched in January. 

Billing interface optimization

We rolled out a new design for our billing page. The updated interface aims to make the billing interface easier to perceive for customers while providing a cleaner and more modern experience. 

Here is what you can expect in the new design:

  • Warmth: We’ve infused a warm color palette with foundational canvas hues, and orange accents. We’ve also added more rounded shapes for a softer, friendlier experience.

  • Intuitive: We placed a description of how a billing plan works in a separate section. It allows our customers to focus on the content that really matters. 

  • Simple: We’ve streamlined the look and feel, adding more whitespace, and reducing divider lines and decorative elements. 

We’ll continue to roll out more enhancements, integrating the new design across for a more consistent experience.

Rethinking the visual design 

We wanted to take a step back to simplify a bit so our customers could navigate and use the app faster and more easily. We find it really refreshing. To us, it’s a breath of fresh air. 

  • Making the process easier to navigate: We added progress trackers that help indicate where in the process the user is. We also added “create” and “edit” indicators for creating/editing modes, as appropriate. 

  • Creating more breathing room: We decided to create a new card design and to minimize the use of shadows. The overall effect is that you have more visual space and breathing room.

After you’ve clicked the “Custom” widget, you’ll see a screen to rename your widget, configure the sorting, widget products quantity, rules, and determine which pages will display this widget. 

The difference between the old and new cards of rules is significant. Here’s what they look like:


Additionally, we relocated a preview window to the bottom-right corner. By clicking on the preview pane icon, it will be displayed as a modal dialog box. 

  • Minimizing the use of decorative elements: We created a fresh new look for Get Help that’s simple, friendly, and approachable. 

  • Using fonts, shapes, colors to highlight what’s important: We updated fonts, shapes, and colors of the “All Widgets” page. This includes updated looks for the page overall and the widget cards on its own. Below, you can compare the before and afters of each design: 

  • Rounding shapes to create a bubblier and bouncier design: We changed a design of a modal window that is displayed when the user selects the type of widget they’d like to create. 

What’s next?

These changes will improve the quality of our personalized product recommendations, and we’ll continue to research and refine the app as we learn more in the months ahead. In the meantime, we’ve seen amazing results from upsells and cross-sells, and we look forward to seeing more.