Throughout the last few months, the team has been extremely productive. And now it’s time to recap what we’ve done. 

Besides our new Scout feature for instant product recommendations, we’ve also rolled out a bunch of helpful improvements. So, let’s dig into the details and see what’s new.

Scout release

Display instant product suggestions tailored to customers’ needs.

We added a new Amazon-like feature of instant product recommendations based on AI technology. Scout adjusts products’ selection to customer preferences in real time, thus leveraging their shopping experience and boosting conversions.

How Scout works:

  • It shows a widget with suggested products and lets customers like or dislike them.
  • “Disliked” items are instantly substituted with new offers, while “liked” items trigger the display of visually similar products.

This way, you’ll automatically enhance the relevance of product recommendations motivating customers to buy more.

New Scout Feature

Upsell popup redesign

Automatically show full and discounted prices in the product variants selector.

Now the upsell popup shows full and discounted prices for every product configuration when a customer opens the dropdown with variants. This improvement eliminates any possible price confusion and drives customers to make purchase decisions faster.


Call-to-action text in the popup with full prices

Prompt shoppers to add more products to the cart.

Wisely organized and timely shown CTAs are the gateways to visitor action on your website. Hence, if you don’t have special offers at the moment and suggest upselling products without a discount, you need an additional incentive to maximize the number of sales.

That’s why we enabled a CTA text right below the total cost numbers helping you effortlessly increase your average order value.

Global Look & Feel redesign

Configure basic design settings faster.

We renamed the Global Look & Feel toolset into Default Design and moved it to the Settings tab to make navigation more intuitive and consistent.

Upsells section enhancements:

Following our new design principles, we revamped each step of the Upsells section to improve your user experience and help you create and manage upsell offers easier:

  • Now all section elements align with the up-to-date design concept.
  • The icons on widget cards are highlighted on hover for your convenience.

  • We added word indicators for Create/Edit modes to let you easier navigate throught the app settings.
  • Upsell generation has become more intuitive with clearly indicated step numbers.

  • The final step has been renamed into “Upsell settings.”
  • The “Show this offer only once per visit” option moved to step 3.

What’s next?

The rest of the summer promises to be hot and rich in new features and improvements. So stay tuned for further updates!